24 Month Old Sleep Schedule

24 Month Old Sleep Schedule

23 Month Old Sleep Schedule Reading 24 Month Old Sleep Schedule 2 minutes

24 Month Old Nap Schedule:

Your baby is most likely still solidly on one nap a day. It can be helpful to think of the day in three separate parts at this stage - morning, nap and afternoon. The morning might include a fun activity like a playdate, playgroup or playground visit, then home for lunch and a nap and then out again for more fun in the afternoon if everyone is up for it! Enjoy that luxurious nap time and catch up on something fun for yourself - everyone needs a rest in toddler-world! Your baby might be starting to resist nighttime a little. This might be because they are napping too long during the day. You might need to cap the nap at 1.5 hours (or even less) to ensure that your baby is ready for bed at night.

24 Month Old Feeding Schedule:

Most babies this age love solid foods. While they may be drinking cow's milk, they shouldn’t be ingesting more than 20 ounces a day. If your baby is drinking more than 20 ounces of cow milk, take it as a sign that they may need more solid food, which should be the main source of their nutrients. Three meals a day should now be commonplace in your baby’s daily routine, with each day providing more information about your baby’s flavor and texture preferences. Have some fun by experimenting with various food flavors, textures, and combos your baby may enjoy.

How Long Should a 24-Month-Old Sleep?

Your little one should be sleeping around 11-12 hours each night, and 1-2 hours during the day. They may start to experience the unpleasantness of nightmares and a fear of the dark, which can be soothed by a nightlight. Find a nightlight in a soothing shape and color, and make sure that it’s bright enough to gently illuminate the room, without being too distracting.